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Outsourced Sales VP


Add a critical executive to your team

You can hire an experienced Sales VP or Chief Revenue Officer at a fraction of the market rates. When you are ready, we will assist you in hiring a permanent VP.

We will deliver a comprehensive sales plan, develop all the sales methodologies and practices and then implement them for you.

We will evaluate, hire, and train your sales team and put the following principles into practice:


Outsourced VP Function

🟨    Identify opportunities for strategic growth.

🟨    Deliver ongoing salesperson assessments with development, coaching, and direction setting in mind.

🟨    Establish a system or process for managing opportunities and leads.

🟨     Ongoing coaching and training to improve sales team transaction rates.

🟨     Create sales (tools objection sheets, competitive analysis, proposals, scripts, etc.)


🟨     Set goals and meaningful, effective sales incentive compensation.

🟨     Integrate all policies and methodology into the CRM.

🟨     Establish order operation's quality assurance standards.

🟨     Develop and distribute KPI reports and sales metric reporting.

🟨     ... and more.

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