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18 Point Sales Person Evaluation and Assessment

An independent assessment of salesperson performance and skill set is the foundation of a strong sales team.  Organizations need to know how to improve upon or build upon existing sales teams.

Our consultant conducts interviews, analyzes data, and observes/listens to sales person behavior.  A professional report is delivered detailing findings.


Sales Strategic Plan, Methodology, Implementation and Practice

We will build a complete sales strategic plan inclusive of recommendations for sales processes, methodologies and reporting.

We will publish an operations guide for you as well.


Hourly Consulting

Hourly calls are available for advice, coaching or validation of ideas and plans


Sales Operations Evaluation

A complete evaluation of all aspects of sales operations

Our consultant again conducts interviews, analyzes data, observes process and methodology and reviews sales critical systems.  A professional report is delivered detailing findings.


Investor Presentations and Business Plans

A key ingredient to convincing investors you are a good company to back is the ability to present a clear, realistic view of your growth plans.


We will help you build the plan and  presentations and coach you on how to present.


Board Advisory Services

We have a few slots open for board advisory roles.  For this service, we focus on sales and marketing only.

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