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ProfitPower Pro Business Makeover

Weekly Sessions

  • 1 h

Service Description

When starting their own company, the majority of business entrepreneurs have two main objectives in mind. They want to increase their income, and they want to build the value of their business. Selling a company or securing investments can mean significant long-term income growth - if done correctly! This coaching group will help entrepreneurs create increased valuation by developing the right strategies, in the right order. 🟨 Develop key messages satisfying a market need. 🟨 Develop a valuable offer that beats the competition’s offer every time. 🟨 Maximize your marketing. Learn priorities, and strategies, and get know-how. 🟨 Create positive cash flow. Learn how to budget and analyze key business metrics. 🟨 Selling is the core skill of a successful business. Learn How. 🟨 Learn how to manage and inspire your employees. 🟨 Effectively recruit and retain great people. 🟨 ...much more.

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(603) 203-1046

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