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Free Masterclass:
8 Steps to Differentiation

Separate yourself from the competition, acquire more customers,

and command a premium for your offers

Presented by John Eddy,
Business Strategist

I am an energetic coach and advisor who guides business leaders and executives through the transformation of their companies to rapid growth, external investment, or sale (exit).  I have held executive leadership positions at McAfee/Intel, Kaspersky Lab, IText Corporation, and IntelliSoft Group.  Lucrumex is the second company I founded.

For over 20 years, I served as an accomplished executive at  start-ups, and medium to large companies.  I am

recognized for my ability to deliver mission-critical results. I am also known as an innovative sales/marketing professional experienced in building high-velocity sales and marketing operations.

In this webinar we will cover (and More)

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